Training Topics and Tasks

Character and Loyalty



  1. Tasks for the week of 4 June 2014:

    Writing performance evaluations are a major part of being a leader. Practice writing a FCPO eval using the data on page 63 of the Development Guide then write a CPO eval using the following data. Sit down with you LCPO and compare the two evals. Discuss the similarities and differences between the two evals.

    Applicable data:

    Name: Joseph P. Sailor
    Grade/Rate: E7/AMC
    Designator: AW/SW
    SSN: XXX-XX-7890
    Component: Reserve-FTS
    UIC: 01234
    Ship/Station: VX-999
    Promotion Status: Regular
    Date reported: 22 Mar 13
    Occasion for Report: Periodic
    Period of report: 16 Sep 13 – 15 Sep 14
    Type of report: Regular
    Physical Readiness: FOR YOU TO DETERMINE
    Billet: NA
    Reporting Senior: Use your SELs information.
    UIC: 01234
    SSN: XXX-XX-XXXX (for reporting senior if necessary)
    Senior Address: VX-999, BOX 4321,NAS FIGHTERTOWN, VA 98765

    Command employment and command achievements: Squadron recently returned from a three month detachment to Al Udied Air Base, Qatar in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. Squadron conducted operations in CENTCOM AOR, specifically Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Qatar. Squadron was awarded the Battle E and all associated awards. Squadron received ‘Golden Anchor’ for retention excellence.

    Primary/Collateral/Watchstanding duties:

    Primary: Leading Chief Petty Officer for Line Division Leads: 20 Sailors
    In the job for 6 months.
    Collateral: CPOA Treasurer, UPC, SAPR Victim Advocate, CPO 365 training coordinator.
    Watchstanding: CDO
    Date counseled: Not applicable.

    Scenario: You have been onboard for 6 months. You relieved ATC B. M. Valentine and felt that the Line division was disorganized and that most of the programs were off track and just getting by.
    Recently, the CMC met with all the CPOs and advised that their evaluations were due 1 September for the CO‘s review. He has given you 30 days to write and prepare your evaluation for the upcoming ranking board. Your Department LCPO, AFCM Wisenheimer has asked you to prepare your evaluation and get it to him in two weeks. You get right to the task and collect all instructions and applicable data necessary to do the job correctly. You have your PRIMS data, last year‘s evaluation, and a brag sheet to submit with your evaluation draft. Here is what you have compiled:

    1. Last evaluation was a 1 of 1 transfer evaluation.
    2. You received an EP and were in a frocked status.
    3. Performance trait marks (last evaluation): 5.0 in blocks 33, 34, 35, 36, and 37. 4.0 in blocks 38 and 39.
    4. To your credit:
    • Completed your qualifications within 2 months of arriving onboard.
    • Retention: Since taking over the Line Division, 4 of your sailors have reenlisted. 2 are awaiting administrative separation, 1 for NJP and 1 for urinalysis.
    • Advancement: 3 sailors advanced off of the March exam cycle.
    • Qualifications: 4 sailors were designated as Plane Captains, 1 was qualified as a Collateral Duty Inspector, and 2 qualified EAWS.
    • College: Currently enrolled in two classes and needs one more to achieve your Bachelor‘s Degree.
    • Asked by the XO to run the Urinalysis Program due to your previous experience.
    • Awarded an MOVSM with bronze star in lieu of second award.
    • Served as Phase Maintenance Supervisor for aircraft 161234’s recent overhaul period.
    • Your division went from 50% to 95% qualified since you took over.
    • As CPO 365 training coordinator, you created a comprehensive training schedule to meet all training goals as laid out in MCPON 2013-2014 Guidance.
    5. To your detriment:
    • You have one PFA failure due to BCA in the past three years and the CMC directed you to join FEP due to your borderline BCA on the recent mock PFA.

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  3. 9 Jun 2014

    Character and Loyalty

    Chiefs are supposed to abide by an uncompromising code of integrity, take full responsibility for their actions and keep their word. Those that do, set a positive tone for the command, unify the Mess, and create esprit de corps. Those that do not, undermine the effectiveness of the command and disrupt the synergy of the Mess.


    1.Watch the video of Dan Ariely's discussion about "the bugs in our moral code" given during a TED talk in 2009.

    2.As you watch the video, consider how our Sailors and the subjects of his experiments compare.

    3.Are there similarities that you have witnessed first hand?

    4.In your own words, explain how a personal code of integrity and sense of loyalty guide the actions of our Sailors toward "buy-in" and the command's mission.