Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Welcome to the Windjammers CPO 365 Discussion Forum!

As First Class Petty Officers, and prospective Chief Petty Officers< you play a vital role the development and mentorship of junior Sailors.  Training and guidance strengthen their leadership skills and are important for ensuring their success.  Building a foundation of knowledge and experience will ensure mission readiness.  Becoming a Chief carries even greater responsibility as these leaders are charged and accountable for the professional development of and guidance of Sailors and junior officers across the Fleet.  Maintaining technical proficiency, as well as enhancing skills as leaders, is paramount to the success of the men and women who serve and to the mission of the Navy.  Since we serve in a mission focused, operational Navy, we need to be able to adapt to our environments and times to effectively connect with each other.  The Windjammers’ mission is global in scope; this side will provide one means to achieve that need by providing a world-wide accessible forum to discuss fundamental concepts and issues concerning leadership.
1.      This is a publicly accessible site.  Do not post any confidential information that would violate or compromise security or Privacy Act protocols.
2.      Be honest and respectful when posting or replying to posts.
3.      Identify yourself in your posts and replies so other will know who you are.
4.      If the horse is dead, move on and quit beating it.
5.      If you cite a specific example of something, try and provide a link or a reference so all readers may benefit from your experience.

Disclaimer: Posted comments are personal opinions and may not reflect the views of the U.S. Navy or Department of Defense.