1. Section requirements: This section is composed of two elements; Tasks and Qualifications. Sailor should complete Phase 1 Section II prior to the commencement of Phase 2.

·    Task: The Task element of the CPODG is provided to give Sailors the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and skills that are essential to naval leadership.  This element is broken down into six specific task elements and should be completed in its entirety. Sailors are encouraged to use all available resources to include instructions and the experience of LCPOs and SELs.

·    Qualifications. The qualification element of the CPODG is provided to ensure leaders are fully aware of the programs encompassing Brilliant on the Basics. This element is broken down into six specific parts:

a. Sponsor program
b. Mentorship Program
c. Indoctrination program
d. Career Development Boards Program
e. Ombudsman Program
f. Recognition Programs

Each part has a series of general questions that pertain to each program and is designed to enhance the knowledge and understanding of these programs.

·    Upon completion of Section II, the Sailor should obtain the necessary signatures on the CPODG section‘s completion card indicating all requirements were met and completed as outlined.

2. Focus: This section focuses on performing tasks and the completion of qualification questions to enforce and educate individuals on the BoBs. The task element contains specific performance related items that requires a Sailor to research and develop products that will clearly show if they have a firm understanding of the outlined Navy programs. The second element, qualification questions, will be reviewed and researched thoroughly. Sailors will provide answers to these questions based on policy and program guidance. Discuss each question with your LCPO and/or SEL and obtain their signatures to mark completion.  Do not plagiarize or copy from external sources or other Sailors. You are encouraged to share your views and perspective with other FCPOs.

3. References: See the reference section for a detailed listing to assist in completing this section.

4. Guidance: Perform each task and answer all qualification questions to the best of your ability. Discuss with your LCPO and/or SEL prior to obtaining any signatures.  Once you have received proper mentorship and full guidance, obtain signatures from those authorized by your SEL.

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