Practical Exercise - Recognizing Personal Achievements


    Instructions: Please review each sailor's accomplishments and determine what type of recognition is warranted (if any). Then, select one and draft the appropriate award, letter... If you determine that no recognition is warranted, be prepared to justify why. Take time to verify all your resources for your supporting documents and requirements. This is not a test. This is a learning exercise so please ask questions if you have them. Ask each other or ask a Chief. We'll review progress during our next meetings and brief the final results during February drill weekend.

    PO2 Schmedley has been in the Navy for 9 years. He is a father of 8 year old twin boys. He recently check aboard the command and has just completed his check-in CDB. During his CDB he mentioned that he volunteers was a volunteer leader for his old church’s youth program. He also serves as an assistant coach for his boys’ tee ball team. He noted that he had been serving in these positions since his boys were 5 years old.

    SN Jones is a member of the base Auxiliary Security Force (ASF). Recently, he provided security during a naming ceremony for an Air Force B-1 Bomber conducted in one of the hangars. The event was attended by local and state officials and flag level officers from the Navy and Air Force. The ceremony was covered by local media and there were no security problems.

    PO1 Bowline has been in the command for 3 years and has taken orders to her next duty station. She’s board eligible and has been in the Navy for 17 years. She has served as a department LPO for the last 12 months and has served as a duty section leader 18 months. She received a NAM 18 months ago as a result of her department’s outstanding performance on a biannual inspection.

    CPO Saltz was sledding with his kids and some neighbors one afternoon when he saw another sledder being pulled by an ATV lose control and slam into the back of a parked car. CPO Saltz called emergency services and then rendered first aid to the injured parties until EMS arrived. He reported the incident to the police that arrived with EMS. The injured party survived the accident with moderate to severe injuries.

  2. PO2 Schmedley volunteer information needs research to confirm that he is eligible for the MOVSM (For example 3 years of community service w/no prior award). His history of volunteering should be well documented and must reflect significant community service as outlined on page 4-42 of the OPNAV 1650.1H.

    Chief Z

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    Important information you'll need to know about updating awards in your service record.


  4. SN Jones could be awarded a letter of apprecition for his involvment in a high visability ceremony where he provided security. Due to lack of information we don't know if he was a key player in the planning, setting up, or executing the ceremony needs which could have potentially led to a letter of accomodation . Based on the information given, id say he deserved a letter of appreciation.

    LS1 Ryan

    1. Sounds logical. As his supervisor, is that the award you'd submit for him? If not, what and why?